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Ford mondeo

Resolved Question:

Hello Fellow JA's I work on JA but need some help with my car, I would of Posted in the forum but didn’t think I’d get much of a Response :) I know where the Smiley face is so no worries My Car a Ford Mondeo 2001 Reg Y784FMS Has today failed its Mot > The Problem been 001) (both Front to rear) Brake pipes excessively corroded 002) Nearside rear Brake pipe excessively Corroded 003) Offside Rear brake pipe Excessively Corroded It also has an Advisor of Front and back disks> Worn, Pitted but not weakened What i would like is to get an Answer to the following The garage would like £450 to fix the lot which seems expensive to me I believe the Parts i need are 2 X Front Disks 2 X Rear Disks 2x Front brake Pipe 2x Rear brake Pipe Front Pads > Rear Pads I have been looking on Eurocarparts but i need links to what i need to buy i need the cheapest parts possible it’s been a slow month :) I looked i get them all for about 200 but i am not sure i had the right stuff How much Labour in hours to change this once, i have the parts ( in Hours or £) The car is old but in really good condtion id like to keep it but its not worth spendning loads of money on So to confirm can you tell the correct parts and cost Cheers James
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.

Hi..Just seen your email - i did look at your question earlier but had to log off for bit - so i was surprised to see you still hadnt been answered yet.however i'll try my best to help..


I think the main areas of concern here are your brake lines - front to rear will be the lines from the front to the back under the car - your near/offside lines are to each rear caliper or flexi hose - In fact looking at it - thats not really a bad job at all - the garage will likly need to make these up in house "as you won't be able to get these of the net" - If they have the brake lines/ends and flaring tool - after they have removed the old ones from the car so they get them measure up right and then refit/route the new lines where the old ones where to the car and tighten up the ends - then bleed the brake system properly again - and that should be that - sometimes getting them off can be little ackward if they've been on there a while so you'll need to bear that in mind - but you could be looking at roughly 1-2hrs max to carry that out - the lines should cost in average no more than £20 maybe less as they are not that expansive at all...

Because your discs are under advisory then you do have uptill the next mot to have them done along with your pads you do have the option there if prefered to go straight ahead and have the brake lines done now and get it through the MOT - and than at a later date have the discs/pads done usually no later than around 6 months before mot due date as this will give the discs/pads time to bed in properly - but yep you will need 2 discs for the front and 2 discs for the back and full set of pads for the front and full set of pads for the back - average time to do all that no more then again 2-3 hours maybe alot less depending on the garage of course and the labour rates which as you'll know will differ alot around the UK - So the complete job i say maybe 4-5 hours max if you want everthing done - i have checked your site and if your using your reg number then the parts will or should match your car - just make sure you do actually order 2xdisc for front "vented discs" and back "solid discs" and not just one disc for each end - the pads will come as standard as a full set for the front and a full set for the back - might be worth checking ebay if you have an account or maybe trying enquiring with a local motor parts suppliers / factors that supplies car parts to general public and garages/diy-ist and see if they can get the price down for the discs/pads sometimes you may find parts from places like that can be of better quality in some cases and will use your reg aswell to match up the correct parts for your car..

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Cheers Robert


Thanks for getting back to me ,


I think ill just get the Pipes Done for now ,


Last question I promise :)


So what would be a good price (i am in Stoke) money is tight round Here :)


For the


Both Front to rear Bake Pipe


Nearside rear Brake Pipe


Offiside Rear Brake Pipe


Cheers J

Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Well i can't see the lines and ends being anymore then £20 as an average - i do brake lines quite alot on cars/vans and there not expansive at all - if your fitting metal lines then most likly the price will rise as appossed to the standard copper lines/brass ends which are alot cheaper and is basically the most common type you seen as an replacment on cars - time like mentioned you maybe looking at 1-2 hours depending on the garage/expertise - to get them off and made up and refitted/and the brakes bled - brake lines are really something that doesn't have set "labour time" to give an exact price - you can only really give an average time - not really familar with the average labour rate in stoke but if their on average £50hr then you would be looking at £120approx not inc vat to the job - it maybe a case of phoning around for the best quote locally seeing as you know whats needed done/or maybe see if a good reputable mobile tech/mechanic can do the job(s) a little cheaper so you can get it through the MOT.......

Robert and 2 other UK Ford Specialists are ready to help you