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Category: UK Ford
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Ford focus c-max 1.6tdci: 2004 tdci 1.6,lack of pwer intermitent,turbo

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2004 tdci 1.6,lack of pwer intermitent,turbo not spooling up?sometimes works if tyrned off and on again. EGR or carbon build up?
driving me nuts.
Hi there ,good afternoon to you
Ok just need to ask a few questions first

Ok what is the vehicles. Reg number
What is the mileage
You say turbo not spooling (.do you mean the vehicle goes into limp home mode with engine system fault on dash
Or is the turbo kicking in then out resulting in a jerky drive

Is the vehicle services regularly
Has any previous work been carried out prior to this happening
What fault codes were logged eg p0299?- turbo under boost
Sorry for all the questions (just trying to get a feel for the fault
Regards XXXXX XXXXX brian
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


68000miles,there are no lights on dash ,the car has small amount of power at low revs ,will not rev much above 2000rpm, then does it very slowly no increase in power.had this on previous citroen when turbo was not boosting engine.not jerky just very little power ,will reach about 40mph on the level through gears.

bought vehicle last year with 52000 on clock had it serviced after purchase,correct oil used as far as I know,can't gtee that.serevice due shortly.

My neighbour is a mechanic ,he plugged in diagnostic gadget,when he gets back I can tell you fault codes,the last one I remember was wrong throttle position or something ,will let you know numbers asap.

car will work fine most of the time if I leave it switched off for a while.possibly the fault happens after higher sustained engine revs.


Hi there I will look into this issue for you thanks
Is the fault on the vehicle just now
Regards Brian

Hi there , Good evening to you ,


Ok as your fault is intermitenet it is a bit more difficult to diaganose


from your description i would supsect a faulty boost vacuum regulator as this is quite common on these engines , basically this regulator is supplied with a vacuum from the vacuum pump and then is actuated by the PCM to send a certain amount of vacuum to the turbo vane actuator these can stick internally and cause no vacuum to be supplied to the turbo , this regulator is located at the rear of the engine block

also inspect the vacuum pipe that runs from this actuator to the turbo

what i have seen several times is the rubber /pipe connection at the turbo becomes swelt/swollen usally due to a cracked intercooler pipe ( hairline crack at the weld )

this sprays oil onto the turbo vacuum hose and contaminates the end pipe resulting in intermitinent boost issues ( this needs to be a nice tight fit onto the turbo )


these engines are also prone for turbo failures or turbo variable vane actuators sticking when hot ( caused by carbon build up on the internal vanes )

again this could cause your issue


these 1.6 dv6 engines produce a lot of soot and this can also lead to turbos sticking due to contamination of the vanes


other issues which cannot be overlooked are PCM software updates ( through fords IDS laptop )

as if the parameters of eg, boost sensor are out of limits then no vacuum will be appilied to the turbo


usally when i have a fault like yours in my dealership i carry out a fault code checktake note of the codes then clear them and road test the vehicle extensively until the fault arises again then re-check the codes and work from there

the usall code is p0299 -turbo underboot which can be caused by all of the above issues i spoke of


if you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know

if you are completlety satisfied with my answer/advice PLEASE CLICK ACCEPT

Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice evening


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Brian.Having great difficulty trying to reply to your messages,thanks for reply.

code p0299 does come up as turbo under boost. ,if I turn the engine off for 3 minutes it usually starts and runs for a while. sometimes if revs are kept up it will get me home,sometimes it cuts the turbo boost again, just had yellow engine light come on and stay on ,did odd thing this morning ,cooling fan started with a cold engine .where do I start.are these engine induction cleaning processes,like the one BG offer any good.

Hi there , good afternoon to you , thanks for replying to me
Ok when you clear the fault codes ( which code/s return ) after the fault happens again

Did you check all the vacuum system to the turbo
Also DPF issues are becoming more common ( if the vehicle has DPF there will be a sensor on the side of the battery tray with 2 hoses going to it and a3 wire multiplug attached to it

With issues like yours as it is an intermittent fault sometimes the only way to diagnose the issue is through what we call live data. Road tests
This is carried out with a diagnostic laptop connected so the technician can watch and monitor the behaviour of the engines sensors eg turbo boost / EGR /vacuum actuation etc

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer/Advice PLEAS CLICK ACCEPT
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice day

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi Brian , good evening,sorry to drag this one,

I have had conflicting reports of fault p0299.

took car to local garage and they showed me that the code was mechanical fault in the turbo , the gararge suggested that the turbo was busted and should be replaced ,I disagree because when I restart the car the turbo can work perfectly until I slow down to low revs for a time.

Do you know what the correct diagnosis for the code is?

They have said that they need to do a smoke test on the induction system to see if there is a leek anywhere,should I ask for a rolling test? if they can,t do it maybe I should take it to a ford garage,trouble with main dealers is that they cost twice as much and currently between jobs things are a bit tight,but I need a car,so any suggestions.many thanks again

Hi there , good evening , no worries p
On the fault code P0299 -turbocharger under boost can be caused by several things from a split intercooler pipe. To a sticking actuator on the turbo
Also vacuum issues like loose connections at the turbo actuator can cause this code
This code is just a guide telling the PCM that the boost pressure does not match the pre defined limits
As itcis an Intermittent fault it makes is difficult to trace and correctly identify this is why live data tests are always best in these cases
I know it is a bit more expensive to take it to a ford garage but at least you have piece if mind as if they fit a turbo and it isn't the turbo you just give them the vehicle back where as smaller garages may tell you to go away

Usually when these vehicles have turbo issues the turbo seizes because of poor oil supply
When this happens a TSB from ford must be carried out
but I have had intermittent issues of the actuator sticking
As I said these type of faults are really difficult to trace ( trust me I deal with them every day)
Done times it takes 5 minutes other times 5 hours

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please jelly me know
If you ate completley satisfied with my answer/advice PLEASE CLICK ACCEPT
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX a nice evening

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