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paulr2011, UK Ford Car Mechanic
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Ford Mondeo: My car (Mondeo 2.2TDCI 56 plate) has a juddering

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My car (Mondeo 2.2TDCI 56 plate) has a juddering sensation when applying revs between 1500 and 2000 RPM. If doesn't happen when changing gear only after reducing and then re-applying revs.
I took it to a Ford dealer for repair and they diagnosed a damaged intercooler, after changing it and charging me £650 the problem is still there. I booked it in again and was told it would need a fuel system software reset after the intercooler change and that they forgot to do it last time it was in. They dont have the disc in the workshop so the car needs to go back in again.
My question is does the fuel system software need resetting after an intercooler change?

Hi, I hope I can assist you with your problem.

I can confirm that there is a software update available for running concerns on your vehicle.

If there are no fault codes stored in the engine management system, then this update should rectify your fault.

however, if there are any fault codes stored, then they should be investigated first.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX update needed to be done after the intercooler fitted, this is incorrect.

The pcm would need updating if a EGR valve was fitted, but definitely not an intercooler.

As you have already payed £650, i would make sure that they don't charge you anymore money for the update.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

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Best wishes, Paul./

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