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mondeo 2008 1.8 Diesel Titanium xfuel gauge..reads 100 miles..drove

Customer Question

Mondeo 2008 1.8 Diesel Titanium X
Fuel gauge drops as normal to 1/4 full and comp reads 100 miles approx to empty. Suddenly drops to zero. Had new sender unit installed last month with computer check - asured problem rectified.
Filled tank and drove first time long distance since repair three days ago. Gauge and computer read as normal to 1/4 full and approx 100 miles to empty then did a further 57 miles without either gauge or computer altering. Refilled tank needle and comp went to max.
It would appear that the replacement sender unit was not the problem - what else could it be?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Ford
Expert:  Bob replied 5 years ago.

Hi there hope i can be of assistance,

Ok next they should check for any software updates for the instrument cluster. If already done, then a full function test of the instrument cluster should be carried out while the fault is occuring. Its important that the fault is present or all the tests will be invalid.

If a fault is found, then the cluster is at fault.

if no fault is found, then its likely to be a faulty sender unit( which will be covered under warranty for 12 months, or local wirining at the sender.

Thanks Bob

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you Bob for your response but you really haven't given me a reason for the problem with my fuel gauge.


I am fully aware that if the new sender unit is faulty or becomes faulty within twelve months it will be replaced under guarantee. This written on the receipt from the garage.


The rest of your reply indicates that I need to go back to the garage and have them test the electronics to ascertain what the problem is. Naturally, I was going to do this anyway as it is the only course open to me.


What I had hoped you would be able to tell me is that this was a known fault and that by replacing/adjusting a certain componant would rectify the problem. Armed with this information I could then return to the garage and suggest that they inspect that part and justify to me why the replacement sender unit had not recified the problem and should not have been replaced in the first place.


The garage state on their invoice that they carried out a computer check on the gauge and found that it was functioning correctly and they charged me £45 + VAT for doing just this. The total Invoice was £365 and I have reason to believe that the sender unit was not the problem in the first place.


So once again, thanks Bob but you have not given me a difinitive answer to my problem.


I shall be very glad to provide more information if it will help. Due to family circumstances I am not able to take the car back to the garage for around three weeks so this may give you time to research and give me a more definite response.





Expert:  Bob replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the reply,

This is a known issue, with the fuel sender unit being the cure. This is Ford Technical Service Bulletin 05/2006.

Also detailed in this bulletin, is an updated resistor card. This is locates directly ontop of the sender unit and includes re-newing the local part of the wiring loom.

I cant give you a efinaitive answer without tests, as the sender unit has been replaced, its unlikely to be this. The next test must be the guage, when the fault is occuring or no fault will be found....... which is what i suspect is what happened when the dealer checked the gauge.

Thanks bob