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Experience:  15 years motor trade, mot tester, mazda senior tech, ford tech, Nvq level 3
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2003 2.0 mondeo hatch - rumbling noise..tensioner..rough

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2003 2.0 mondeo hatch - rumbling noise up to 1500rpm seems to be coming from alternator have replaced idler, belt and tensioner but noise seems to be worse, any sensible way of testing alternator bearings?
I have had it off the car but it does not seem to show any bearing wear doesnt feel rough but its doesnt seem possible to check the rear bearing
Hi, have you run the vehicle with the auxiliary belt off? just to confirm the noise is on the aux system somewhere, have you checked the waterpump? The easiest and cheapest method would be to purchase a stethoscope, you should be able to buy one for under £10 and you can probe the alternator etc to hear the noise.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi, no have not run with belt off and have checked water pump seems to be quiet. Will check withot belt tomorrow.

Thanks for advice (usually use a screwdriver to listen do you think scope is better?)

Hi, remember not to let the engine run for ages without the belt as the pump is driven off it and yes a scope is better as you can listen to things more accurately without trying to put your ear on the screwdriver at the same time and is safer, i think halfords sell then
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