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Ford Galaxy Hi I have a Ford Galaxy fitted with a VW AUY 115ps

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Hi I have a Ford Galaxy fitted with a VW AUY 115ps engine. I have engine oil leaking from my intercooler. I have been told that it could be crank case compression,or the breathers are blocked, is this right ? If not,can you point me i the right direction. Also, is it possible to fit a dump valve to the turbo to give it a bit more "oomph" ?



Hopefully i can help..


I would be first checking if oil is leaking out your intercooler for any signs the turbo has blown its oil seal or the seals inside the turbo are leaking..any large amounts of oil leaking from there or out the intercooler hose into it..then it could be a sign the turbo is on its way out and allowing oil then to pass into the induction system it maybe worth having that checked also..In regards XXXXX XXXXX a dump valve on a diesel It will not increase performance/power or torque so you would be wasting your time fitting if even possible to be honest,and if one had to be fitted it would most likly need to be fitted properly by someone that knows what their doing and too controlled electronically...

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