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Category: UK Ford
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Ford Fiesta how do i undo crankshaft pulley bolt on R reg

Customer Question

how do i undo crankshaft pulley bolt on R reg 1.4 fiesta s zetec engine
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Ford
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.

theres a reasonable level of torque on this bolt as its 40Nm + 90°

I'd suggest having your assistant also holding down the brake pedal as well as having it in top gear

also use as short an extension as possible onto the air gun or breaker bar as this too will wind up and waste effort compared to a short bar

one other thing which can help a lot is to heat the pulley and nut up with a hot air gun as its expands it will tend to relax the torque slightly
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
is there any way to take out the spring back from the engine when trying to undo bolt
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.

I'd check that you don't have a worn or cracked engine mount as this makes things much harder

but I trick I've used in the past is to wedge a piece of metal tube between the engine and something solid in the engine bay like a strut top or off the brake master cylinder mounts

so instead of winding up the mounts you can brace against something solid