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Ford mondeo mondeo MK4 rumbling noise that sounds like it

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mondeo MK4 rumbling noise that sounds like it is coming from rear offside, noiser at low speeds, my mechanic is not 100% sure its the bearing as he says there is no play and does not make a noise when spun. I have tried taking it of gear and the noise is still there

Hi their, if the bearing is not at fault the other common problem is actually the tyres, they quite often "feather" on the inner edges which causes a noise exactly the same as the bearings, you often get the problem with budget/cheap tyres or pirelli p6000 tyres are also prone to this problem. If they are wearing unevenly i would also recommend the car having a 4 wheel alignment carried out, any pot holes etc can easily knock the tracking out of alignment.


Hope this helps, any more questions just ask.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes it was the thought, that particular tyre is a Pirelli P Zero with about 2mm of useful life, the near side tyre is the same with 5mm of life. As the front 2 are Goodyear Eagle 1 and have plenty of tread. My thought is to put a matching Goodyear on the back, is this acceptable.


I have noticed with the rumble that moving from cold it is hardly noticeable but as the distance increases the noise is clearly louder, does this still tie in with the tyres.


The 4 wheel alignment is this a Ford job or could any competent garage carry it out

Hi, its probably the pirelli, but yes change them front to rear and you should find the noise should disappear although you may get some from the front now.


The noise depends on road surface aswell, smooth tarmac is the worst for generating the noise, it doesnt normally alter with cold/warm tyres, you should see a feathering effect on the tyre and quite likely some of the tread blocks will be a different colour due to it not touching the road.


The 4 wheel alignment i would use a garage that advertises it as alot of places dont have the proper gear and will just do tracking, also people dont know how to use the equipment properly, the best places are normally tyre fitment places-independents not your kwik fit etc.

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