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Caravan: towing..a Mondeo Hatch Ghia X 05 Reg inclusive..indicator

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Can you supply a wiring diagram for towing sockets 12N & 12S on a Mondeo Hatch Ghia X 05 Reg inclusive of a caravan charging relay and an audible indicator relay? where do I pick off the 12V supply for the TEC3M auto Switch Combi Relay?

Hi there

just require some information if you can,


1, Are you trying to fit this towbar or find a fault on it?


2, Are you wanting wiring diagrams for the vehicle wiring system or the wiring for the black and grey towing sockets on the towbar so you know what each wire does ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have fitted the tow bar, no problem. I have fitted the black and grey towing sockets and run trhe cables into the boot. I know what each wire coming from the two sockets do. The problem is these wires into the car's wiring so as not to interfere with the cars management system.

When I purchased the tow bar it came with two electrical items, 1- TEM1A audible monitor, 2 - TEC3M 30 Amp auto switch combi Relay, and I know what they do.

My concern is are these two items all I need to fit into the cars wiring which will avoid damaging the management, or do I need a 7way relay instead of the TEM1A.

Whichever is correct I would like a wiring diagram to know where the wires from the two sockets connect to the car's loom.

I have a Haynes book for the car, showing the wiring.

Hope this helps. Thanks

First of all when connecting the tow bar up you shouldn't cause any damage to the management system as the wires you are going in to are not connected to it.


The two items that came with your tow bar should work fine the TEC3M is used to monitor the state of the car's alternator/battery. If you wanted to use the 7-way relay instead it would be up to you it is all down to personal choice some people prefer the 7- way really than anything else but which ever you go for they will both work fine.


In regards XXXXX XXXXX wiring its self if you are in any doubt about how to wire this up correctly then i would suggest taking it too a tow bar installer and let them wire it up for you, however if you are happy to install it your self then what you need to do is run the wiring into the boot, now on the left hand side behind the trims in the boot you will find the wiring loom running to the passenger side back light and then over to the drivers back light in this loom you should find all the wires you need for the lights its self.


The wiring colours that are listed on the diagrams are as follows, please note that these wires should always be double checked using a multimeter to confirm it is the correct wire as fords wiring diagrams do not always match the colour of the wiring on the vehicle.




STOP LAMPS green/red

LEFT SIDE LIGHTgrey/black or orange/white

RIGHT SIDE LIGHTgrey/red or orange

FOG LAMPS green/yellow

REVERSE LAMPSgreen/black


In regards XXXXX XXXXX wiring for the tec3m unit I would suggest that any permanent live feeds that are required should be taken directly from the battery its self so that the unit can monitor better the current draw from the battery.


Hope this will help.



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