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i have an engine warning light on on my ford ka- what does

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i have an engine warning light on on my ford ka- what does this mean?? I have checked oil and it needed topping up so I have done this but it's still on

Hi there hope i can be of assistance.


Ok this warning lamp means a fault has been detected by the engine managment computer. You will need to have a diagnostics scan done on the car, this will show up a fault code. This can be done at most garages as they have the generic equipment to do this.


We cant give a 100% accurate diagnosis without the results of the scan as there are alot of potential reasons why the light could be on.


Thanks bob

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok thanks- do you know how much these scans cost roughly? Is it safe to drive my car in between as I need to get to work!



If you take the car to a Ford dealer, there is a usual cost of around £50-£60 plus whatever they find.


iIf you go to your local or preffered garage, this is alot cheaper, and prices vary alot so its a case of shopping around for the best deal.


If the car isnt running rough, all levels are ok and there is no smoke from the exhaust then this should be ok to drive to the workshop. Excessive use of the car may cause further engine damage.


Thanks bob

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so what are the most common things that result in engine problems and what sort of costs are involved?

If the engine isnt displaying any symptoms then the usual cause is emmisions related. These include the lambda sensors, engine state sensors and the catalytic converter.


If the engine is running a little rough, then common causes are the ignition system. This includes plugs, HT leads and the coil pack.


These are common faults so should be able to be diagnosed quickly.


Lambda sensors cost around £20-£60 depending on who you buy them from.


Catalytic converter - £80-£120


Coil pack - £40-£60


Thanks Bob

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