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Ford: eac Fail..52 plate....Been in to too many garages..main dealer

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Right we seem to have bought a car that has an inherent problem with the EAC Fail on a 52 plate Ford Fiesta.this happens no matter how long the car is running/ from start up or been going some time..Been in to too many garages now plus a Ford main what should we do...thanks Paul.

Hi there , I have personally had problems with this fault EAC FAIL, I take it its a PETROL

It could be one of a few things including an internal fault with the PCM ( More Rare) but possible on your year of car , ( they modifed the PCM on later models )

It could also be a throttle pedal as these are flyby wire ( no cables )

I personally would be fitting a new thottle pedal and making sure the PCM is at the latest level of software,


I hope this has been of good help to you

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


sorry forgot too say that the car has had a new throttle pedal & throttle body ( all ford parts) fitted . Been reprogrammed after each fault as well.

Hi there mate , heres some information i hope will help you with this horrible intermiting fault .

The modified PCM was installed in production from 30/06/2002,

So it would be worth checking the build date of your car,

The fault could also lie in the Throttle body wiring harness , ( These were also modifed because of contact corrosion on the pins) Later model fiestas all have Gold to Gold connections at the throttle body/mulitiplug , Check all connections on throttle body ,PCM, and all in line connectors on the wiring harness ( square ones ) It only takes a split second of poor contact to bring the EAC light on . Try some electrical contact grease in the connectors.


I hope this will help you, i personally know it is a very hard and possibly costly fault to find,

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