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Trev, UK Ford Car Mechanic
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My car alarm immobiliser keeps going off. How can I disable

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My car alarm immobiliser keeps going off. How can I disable it. Its a 1996 1.4 Fiesta Ghia.

They need to go onto a diagnostics computer to disable them completely, but if you lock the car with the key instead of the remote central locking, then the alarm should not arm itself.

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My car does not have a remote central locking device. Its old and just works off the key you see. Tried dis-connecting the horn but it still goes off. Its obviously in its own unit?

I'm getting rid of the motor soon but the only way I can stop the immobiliser keep going off at the moment is by leaving the motor unlocked - not ideal.

Looks like then it might only be stopped by being disarmed by the computer? I thought that maybe the wiring was situated in one of the front door side panels?
Is the alarm an aftermarket alarm or a ford alarm?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Its definitely a Ford alarm. I don't have any disabling codes for it or anything like that though?
In That case it is linked to the ecu and cant be over-ridden without connecting it to diagnostics, unless you remove the central locking fuse, but you will obviously not have central locking any more, and make sure that all doors are fully unlocked before you remove the fuse, as the central locking also operates the deadlocks which cannot be opened with a key.


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