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I am losing coolant in my ford ka. Filled the reservoir and

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I am losing coolant in my ford ka. Filled the reservoir and it was empty after driving for a week! Just bought the car (51k miles, y reg) and dont know what the problem is.

The engine in these is the old over head valve engine and dosent generally give any problems with head gaskets.

You need to be liiking for a leak or for a residue that looks like limescale somewhere in the engine compartment (this is a leak also, the limescale substance is crystalised anti freeze), the most common place is the joint between the thermostat and the cyliner head, and is easily repaired.

if there are no leaks anywhere on the engine, then you need to get a block test at a garage, this usually costs around £10 and only takes a few minutes, and tests for head gasket failure.

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
would this be connected to the heating not working in the car? it worked the day i picked the car. i only noticed that it has been on but not working. also i noticed smoke from the hood and then found the coolant reservoir was almost empty. that was the day after i got the car.
If the coolant has dropped, then the heater will not work, and will need re-bleading, also, the smoke was probably steam, you need to look for evidence of a leak,top up and run the engine whilst stationary, and check for leaks, also make sure the engine is getting hot, and that coolant is getting into the radiator and that the fan is cutting in.

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