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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: UK Family Law
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I need some advice over children's social services they

Customer Question

hi pearl
JA: Family law varies by state. What state are you in?
Customer: I need some advice over children's social services they contacted me by demanding personal information about me it seem that they are forcing my daughters foster carers to apply for an SGO order they then contact my daughter father and demand personal information about me and he refused to give them any they then contacted his doctors and demanded he do a DNA test he has refused . we ordered by Manchester Children's Social services to attend their office yesterday we also got a small bit of paperwork also yesterday by post and social service have admitted in the paperwork we only just received that there has been no discussion with the birth family about this SGO. both myself and my mother have been fighting social service since 2006 over both my children I also have a son who has undiagnosed Asperger's Autism he is now under Adult social service and Adult social services won't let me or my mother see him every time I request to see him his social worker Rut Dave and shared live placement officers say that he doesn't want to see us and the only reason we are give is that my son now all of a sudden has the capacity to make decisions for himself if that's the case then why in February when we had a meeting with his social worker and shared live did they need an advocate to speak for him.
JA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?
Customer: I can't get a legal aid solicitor and there is no way I can afford a private solicitor further more to our conversation regarding my daughter I haven seen her since March 2008 was never told why the contact was stopped and in March 2010 Manchester Social Service got a Section 34 order stopping us from having any direct contact with her and now we find out that they are forcing the foster carers to apply for this SGO order as I mentioned before My daughters dad yesterday when he got home has received a letter from social services informing him that they have done a DNA test without his consent and they are now implying that he is not her farther yet our daughter was born in 2002 also with a learning disability she has a brain disorder which social services have since she was born and the allegations of neglect and abuse of my children didn't start until 2006 (A) because I refused to sleep with a social worker and (B) because I asked her for a Autism assessment to be done on my son he was 9 at the time and she refused the then went to court in 2006 behind my back and got a court order to remove my children from my care we didn't know about this until she turned up at my door to take them and that was on the 26th of July 2006 ever since then I have had massive problems with social services again in regards ***** ***** daughter since 2010/11 we have been have been allowed to attend any of her proper Lac Reviews we don't even get any school reports or school photographs of her since they got the section 34 order we can only have separate meetings and we do not get all the copies of the paperwork that they give to all other parties at the proper Lac reviews we now feel that we are totally being cut out of our daughters life we have also found out that the letters, birthday cards, Christmas cards and any photos that her farther sends her as well as any birthday gifts and Christmas gifts we give to social services are not being passed on to her we've been told that the letters and cards we send to her are just being put in a memory box for her and her farther has been told that the photos he sends her she doesn't see at all. my son has not been allowed to see her at all he is now 19 before he was transfer over to Adult social service he was always asking the social worker to see his sister and she wouldn't make any arrangements for him to see her thy still don't now we the birth family are extremely worried that if the foster carers get this SGO our shared parental right are being taken away from us and that we as well as my son will never get to see our daughter again nor will my mother see her grandchildren again they Adult social service wont even let her see her grandson I still have his birthday present and card that I could give him in April because his social worker Ruth Dave and shared live Donna Mack won't let us see him or even talk to him and he won't know or understand what's happening to his sister because they won't tell him
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I would like to know how I can stop this SGO from go ahead because we intend to fight it and how to access for both myself and my mother to see my son
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: UK Family Law
Expert:  Nick H replied 9 months ago.

Hi - I am going to need you to get give me the main issues please - sorry but I am struggling to understand the diatribe.

In terms of you and you kids I will help as much as I can - more than questions on the internet. Yet you need to be more

specific - please

Expert:  Clare replied 9 months ago.

My name is ***** ***** I have been a solicitor for more than 36 years including dealing with Care cases.

There are a number of concerning issues that you have raised

I note that there were Care proceedings in 2008 at which time the Plan was for long term Foster care - but that now - 8 years later - the suggestion is that the Foster Carers apply for an SGO.

This is interesting as it does NOT remove your Parental Responsibility - but it would mean that the Local Authority would no longer have any form of Parental Responsibility for your daughter.

Frankly it seems rather odd that Social Services are taking this route given that your daughter is now 14.

With regard to the DNA test I have to be honest - it would be better for her father to cooperate with a proper DNA test to avoid any doubt about whatever test they have done.

If he is the biological father then his rights will be secure - and if he is not then better to know sooner rather than later so that you can organise your arguments accordingly.

In order to assess the best way forward it would be helpful to know the extent of her learning difficulties

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Hi Claire
apologies for the delay in payment .
The care proceedings started in 2006 not 2008, in 2008 social services refused to let me see my daughter they refuse share any parental rights with me or her father. her farther does not need to do a DNA test they know dam well he his her biological father and his name is ***** ***** birth certificate. He has been party to all the legal proceeding when they went to court in 2006 behind my back and got a court order to remove my kids we didn't know that they had planned this until they had done it. social services weren't calling me a unfit parent when they were first became involved in 2001 to 2005 they were opening and closing the case and in 2006 social services started making false allegations because I wouldn't sleep with the social worker who was on the case at the time she was vindictive and extremely abusive to me she told in that if I didn't sleep with her she would have my kid taken from me and that was exactly what she did she got caught out lying in court in 2008 and again in March 20010 when she claimed that I attacked her at my last contact with my daughter in 2008 before all contact was completely stopped for no good reason the assault she claimed happened didn't she had her legal team inform the courts when she was requested to produce CCTV that it went mysteriously missing (it didn't) and she never had any bruises or cut on her at all she lied. we will now be going back to court seeking to get this SGO stopped completely it's unfair we haven't done anything wrong to deserve this it's social services that are completely in the wrong they failed to recognise my sons AUTISM and they saw pound signs in my daughter because they tried to put her through a forced adoption in 2006 and we got that stopped. My daughter was born in 2002 with a brain disorder which means that she is functioning at a lower age the a normal 14 year old it takes her a lot longer for her brain to make the connections that a normal 14 year old would already have. And the games that social services are playing are malicious and cruel. My daughter's father has recently had an strange phone call informing him the DNA letter he received has come from social services office the envelope has that contained the letter has social services address on the back of it he was also informed that the threating letter my daughters foster carers got has the same handwriting as the DNA letter my daughters father got which alerts us that a social worker may be behind all this. Over here social service lie and cannot be trusted at all.
Expert:  Clare replied 8 months ago.

I understand all of that - and I agree that it needs looking into - but is your current focus your complaint about the behaviour - or sorting out the position on the child's situation?

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