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I am not sure where I am with you! It is not clear what you

Customer Question

Dear Sir I am not sure where I am with you! It is not clear what you want from me to do. I have paid £48 and provided all the initial detail of the problem I am having with TSB Bank. I also followed up to your question “What do you want to achieve”. I have clicked on “view my response” and “View My Answer”. It might be my age at 70 y.o.a. and lack IT expertise but I cannot see any answer or response other than an offer by you to answer further questions by paying you £38. Have you seen the initial detail I sent and the problem I have had with TSB in titling my account on their internet banking service?It should be simple to answer the problem I have.If you cannot do so without further payment will you please refund my initial payment and I will consult with the Banking Ombudsman direct.Best wishesBob Sansom
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Family Law
Expert:  Stuart J replied 1 year ago.

You have posted two separate questions into different website URLs. There are 2 sites. Both UK law but one on site and the other on site.

I can only deal with the questions on site and not site. It is an admin matter.

This reply has come from site. Your original question is on site

I can see the question on site and I can tell you that the expert Alex W is waiting for further information from you. He said “just to be clear, this is the name you have given to the online bank account, like in the name?” .

Hence, it is being dealt with but on another thread and the expert is waiting for information from you. I can answer on this thread you have already deposited funds on the initial thread so you would need to close that thread and get refunded and redeposit on this one. It would be easier for you to just continue on the other threads.

You only pay per question thread, not per reply.

Kind regards