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I have used your service before, but the information I gave

Customer Question

I have used your service before, but the information I gave you was not completely correct.
I am in a civil union with a British citizen and am now also a British citizen. Our relationship has broken down and we are considering a divorce. We have drawn up a contract which apparently imply that we are married out of community of property.
Our civil union happened in South Africa 8 years ago. What would be the best in order to file for divorce. Should I file from South Africa or from the UK? I have been living in South Africa for the last 2 months as my partner wanted me out of the house, which is registered on her name and to which I have not contributed financially.
She has many more assets than me, as she has two houses worth much more than my house in South Africa. She also has a fixed job whereas I don't have fixed work. It will be impossible for me to live in the UK with what I earn and file for a divorce from there having to pay a British lawyer.
Do I have any chance, according to British law, to get social housing?
From where should I file for divorce to ensure that I don't loose any social privilidges in the UK?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Family Law
Expert:  Barend B. replied 2 years ago.
Good evening,
In order for me to endeavour to assist you, I would like to ask you a few questions:
1. When you entered into the civil union, did you have the intention to be permanently resident in South Africa or the UK?
2. Do you have dual citizenship or have you relinguished your South African citizenship?
3. Is it not a pre-requisite to receive social privileges in the UK to be resident in the UK? (I will also research this)
4. If you can still receive social privileges in the UK, will you return t live in the UK?
5. Do you own fixed property in SA?