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Thomas Judge
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Good evening, Im italian but a resident in Uk since 2003

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Good evening,
I'm italian but a resident in Uk since 2003 and since 2004 I own a service agency for italian people.The services we offer are helping them to find a job in Uk.We help them to write their cv in english,to open a bank account, getting the national insurance number,and anything they need to do that require a translate.
There is an italian boy that is making videos on you tube and posting (a lot) on Facebook telling that we take money to find job (we absolutly do not do that) and that we are not legal (we are registered with the companie house since 2004).
I'm losing a lot of customers for that.
What can i do to stop him?
Thank you so much for your help
Thanks for your question. Please remember to RATE once you get my answer.

The best thing would be to get a solicitors to write a letter to threaten him with a court action unless he removes the posting and stops defaming you. This normally does the trick and should cost no more than about £250.00. You can also contact Facebook and ask them to remove the postings.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We already send him a letter,where we also were very kind on explaining to him that what he was saying wasn't true but it didn't stop him.

I also contact facebook but they didn't remove the posts or reply to me.

And what about you tube?what can i do to stop the videos?

thank you so much

It is better to actually send a solicitors letter rather than a personal letter. You can complain both to facebook and to You tube and ask them both to remove.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So sorry i wasn't clear.we send him a solicitor letter but it didn'd stop him what i have to do now?

The next step if it is causing problems for the business is to actually issue court proceedings against him - a letter before action under the pre action protocol. The cost of this costs quite a lot more - normally about one thousand pounds.

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