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Thomas Judge
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Hi can I get my ex partner drug tested as he is having contact

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Hi can I get my ex partner drug tested as he is having contact with our baby son? I am on benefits so will legal aid cover this? and how to I go about arranging it? thanks
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The rules on legal aid in Children Act matters has recently changed and as such just because you are on benefits does not now mean that you will receive legal aid in such cases. In addition if there has been contact with the child and the father recently (post the issue of drugs) then the court may just allow contact to continue and not seek to have drug tests. This is becoming more common, particularly if the drugs are something like cannabis or the court does not consider that the issue of drugs puts the child at risk.
I have noticed in recent months (in light of rule changes in court) that there is much more of a reluctance to order drugs tests in any event.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Would I have to fund a drugs test myself now that legal aid is no longer available?
If the court ordered for him to have a drugs test it would look for either you or him or both to fund such a test if it found that it was necessary (and you did not have the benefit of legal aid) - yes I am afraid so.

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Does that answer the question?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
How much would the test be and would it be hair or urine? Thanks

They can be either and would depend on the period being tested and the drugs being tested - usually upwards of £400.

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