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jusleen, Family Lawyer
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hello.i have a 17 year old son who lives with me. i divorced

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hello. i have a 17 year old son who lives with me. i divorced his mother 15 years ago. She took him to spain 6 years ago on holiday and didnt come back for three years. when he was 14 he came back himself. now she wants to go on holiday with him and his sister again, to spain and i fear that she'll try and talk him into living the past with her again and not returning again, right in the middle of his A levels. can i legally stop her taking him if he wants to go? he currently sees her and talks to her whenever he wants and she now lives back in england. he visits her more or less once every three weeks. i choose not to have any contact with her as she is a terrible liar. we have a joint contact order.


addendum: A year after my son came back to live with me, she returned. Whilst she was in Spain, spanish social services contacted me and were concerned as to thre welfare of my son and his sister and asked me whether i would take custody of them both as she had been caught putting them to bed and then going out drinking all night. 


When she returned here, her daughter was taken off her for the very same reason and put in a care home. She got her back after 8 months of supervised visits.


It may go someway to explaining my very reasonable doubt as to whether she would try and 'turn' him whilst abroad...

jusleen : Hi unfortunately as your son is now over 16 years old, the court would not get involved. He is of an age where he can make his own decision as to which parent he chooses to live with.




jusleen : Hello there.

hi jusleen.. thanks for your response. can i ask another quesiton or will i be charged.. more

jusleen : Of course you can ask a question. You will not be charged any further if the communication is in this thread.

what about his education? Do i legally have to communicate with her ergo can it be just by email. i wish not to hear her voice or see her... he is 17, 18 in feb 2014 and is currently doing his A levels...

jusleen : It must be very difficult for you. Unfortunately if your son decided he no longer wished to pursue his education he cannot be compelled and there is no legal step you can take to make his stay in education. It would therefore be beneficial if you do have communication with his mother to impress upon her the importance of your son continuing his education.
jusleen : You might want to consider the avenue of mediation to assisting in the discussions.

thankyou. i wont be talking with her as she is a drug user and an alcoholic and incapable of telling the truth. ever. Do i have to speak with her or can it be just by email. Do I legally have to communicate with her over lukes education?


you see theres no point in communicating with a liar. if i have it on an email, at least i can defend myself when she gives luke another version of what actually transpired (verbally..) between us.

jusleen : You cannot be forced to speak to the mother. If its easier to communicate in writing by email then that is ok.

thankyou. youve been EXCELLENT! (btw..)


how do i pay you?

jusleen : Thank you I am only sorry I could not supply you with a more positive response to help you.
jusleen : I believe you have to rate the answer and that is how payments are made. Unfortunately I cannot see your screen to guide you.
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