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UKfamsol, Solicitor
Category: UK Family Law
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hi i know its a bad thing but i just need advise. im 24 but

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hi i know its a bad thing but i just need advise.
im 24 but when i was 21 i got married in thailand. i know i should go there and get a divorce but i havent got the money.

i have a new gf in uk that is pregnant and ive left my old life not planing to ever return to thailand. ive lost all contact with the thai lady i married
my gf dosent know about it. if i go to get married in uk and say ive never been married before will they know ? will it show up when gettting notice to marry ?
Hello and thanks fro your question.

You do not need to go to Thailand to get divorced - if you have lived in the UK for at least the last 12 months or you are a British Citizen, then the UK court has the power to deal with your divorce regardless of where you were married.

You will need your original marriage certificate or a certified copy of your marriage certificate, plus a translation if it is not in English, prepared by a professional translator who can certify to the court that the translation has been done to the best of his/her ability and is correct.

If you don't have the original and it's not possible to get a certified copy from Thailand, then you will need to get a solicitor to help you to prepare an affidavit to prove to the court that you were married ie all the information that would normally appear on a marriage certificate.

You will need to provide details of your wife's address as the divorce papers must be served on the respondent. If you do not know where she is, you can ask the court for service to be dispensed with, although you will need to convince the court that you have made every effort to locate her whereabouts.

I know all of the above must seem like an awful nuisance to you - and I have no idea whether or not your marriage to your wife could ever be discovered by the British authorities. But if it is discovered, you will be prosecuted for bigamy, which is a criminal offence which in the UK attracts a sentence of up to 7 years in prison.

I would also counsel you that to start a new marriage with such a massive deception is hardly the best way to ensure that your new (false) married life will provide the happiness that you seek.

Sorry not to give you the reassurance you wanted - but it would not be right of me to mislead you in any way.

I hope this helps anyway to help you to come to a decision that you can live with and I wish you the best of luck.

I hate to specify - but please rate my answer ok, good or excellent - or I get nothing for my time!!! (so the website keeps all).)

Thanks and best wishes...
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