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Hi, I am about to take my son on a kayaking trip to Glacier

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I am about to take my son on a kayaking trip to Glacier Bay Ak(Alaska). My ex-partner is demanding I provide the normal flights, hotels etc... along with itineraries, maps, day by day movements , contact provisions and that I provide these before the time set out in the court order. She is claiming that she will injunct if I do not. I am prepared to provide the following:
1) Flights out and back
2) Hotel Reservations
3) Contact details via Satellite phone
4) A map of the area to be visited (What I have outlined below is as accurate as I can be. We will be dependant of factors such as weather, Satellites, Glaciated valleys, signal bounce (personal VHF radios)
Do I need to provide anything else by law to comply with the court order which states that travel plans must be communicated 2 weeks in advance. I plan to ensure the details I have provided here are also provided to her 2 weeks and a day in advance.
I would be happy to provide everything now; however, she has travelled with my son twice and has not once provided anything on time and in the last case to not confirm return details until they were out bound. She has breached the court order in every way possible with impunity as I do not have thousands of pounds to gain access to a lawyer to pursue her. In addition my son will be 16 years old in 10 months we are likely to barely get started before he can make up his own mind what he wants.
1) Training has occurred since 2007.
2) There has been several preparation camps (Cold, Wet, Dry, and Non Fire) Camps
3) My son is a Duke of Edinburgh first aider, Map reader, trip planner upon our return he will be completing his bronze badge and only needs to perform the excursion to obtain his silver.
4) I spent 7.5 years in the military and 200+ trips to AK(Alaska) South East Ak(Alaska)
5) I have travelled 5 times in the Glacier Bay region alone and may be the only person to have trekked from Haines Ak(Alaska) to LePeruse Glacier Ak(Alaska)
The itinerary is likely to be:
Day 1: Transport to Ak(Alaska)
- Stay overnight in motel xxxx
Day 2: Air Taxi to Gustavus (Alaska)
- Sign into the NPS (National Park Station)
- Glacier Bay Park Orientation, Camping Orientation
- Kayak Orientation, and packing
- Stay overnight at local Camp grounds
Day 3: Board boat transport for drop off
- Drop off Rendu point (West Arm Glacier Ba
- Spend day familiarising with sea kayak (practice loading, launching, recovering, manoeuvring, and exiting)
- Camp Rendu point
Day 4 – 9 kayak to 3 local glaciers
- Break camp 1 after sun rise
- Camp 1.5 hours before sun set
- Exploit opportunities available to view bears, moose, wolves, wales, orcas, Salmon
- On Day 9 PNR is reached return journey is started
Day 10 – 14 return to Rendu drop off for pick up
Day 15 – over night in Juneau
Day 16 – Fly to Seattle and fly back to London

My ex-partner was aware and had agreed to the trip in principle before the court order was signed in the midst of the residency issue.
Thank you for your question I shall do my best to assist you
The information that you have said you are willing to supply is more than adequate and any attempt by her to prevent the trip will fail.
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Claire,


Sorry two further connected questions.

First of all thank you for your answer, and I will provide what I have listed.


1) I may not be able to have the satellite phone number until the 12 Aug ... I think providing evidence that it is booked in line with the court order should be enough and to supply the phone number as soon as it is available likely to be also on the 12th Aug we fly on the 14th Aug. (I have asked the provider to provide it before but so far I have not had a response.


2) I am currently planning to provide the documentation for the 30th July, which is one day earlier than I must to be inline with the court order. My son comes to me on the 10th Aug do I need to provide the info two weeks before this date or is it the date of the flight?

1. Yes that is fine
2. The information should be given two weeks before the trip - but as soon as possible is best
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