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Claire, just came back from my sons new school and we have

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Claire, just came back from my son's new school and we have a problem:
my son has been very and i mean VERY unhappy about having taxi transport because there are other SEN children that are annoying him and upsetting him, he ends up driving around unnecessarily and coming home late, etc etc..I pick him up/drop him off on days when he is with me and he is a different child. Happy, smiley!
Now technically, with the new school he shouldn't have the taxi transport because he is within the 2 mile radius but the school say if they support the application the LEA will 99% approve and he will be in the taxi. I raised my concerns there and then about his dislike of taxi transport, but my ex insisted the school apply for the transport. She said "i am the main carer and I get to decided"...
She wants the taxi to take him because she then saves on fuel (its only a 1.6 mile journey each way) and because she is generally just a lazy *** who can't be bothered to take him so she can sit on the laptop all day long.
What are my rights? I want to call the LEA transport and complain and say he shouldn't be in a taxi in the first place (2 mile radius) and that as a father with shared residency i also get to decide about his education and future.
What do you advise me?
Thank you for your question
For clarity the taxi will only be on those days when he is with his mother is that correct?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If she applies for it, they'll organise it on a daily basis. At the moment, I have to ring the taxi escort every time when I'm collecting him or dropping him off, at least out of courtesy. On my days, I don't mind doing it.

The problem for me is how it has been affecting him the last 2 years. He would leave the taxi almost in tears sometimes because he couldn't stand the noises the other children were making, the verbal provocations, etc. He is a very well behaved and quiet child. I was worried at one point he would end up clinically depressed, he really got me worried. She is either blind or so selfish not to see it. Just not fit to be a mother!

Just need to know legally where I stand, is it an issue that would have to be resolved in court if we can't do it between us? Can i call the LEA and tell them they are breaking their own rules because he is within the radius and doesn't really need it?

Are you willing to take him to school and collect him even on the days he is with his mother?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If it means he doesn't have to get into the taxi, yes.

Then you will have to apply to the Court for a Specific Issue order on that basis - you will then be stuck with doing the travelling I am afraid as otherwise the request from your ex for Taxi transport is not likely to be seen as unreasonable
I hope that this is of assistance
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