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Which section on a D80a divorce form do you witness the siganiture

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Which section on a D80a divorce form do you witness the siganiture of the respondent...a...b is statement of arrangements ..that doesnt apply as we have no children or c it has beeb rejected twice because of it being in the wrong box is an uncontested divorce
-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Attaching d10 form and on d80A you have to identify the siganiture of my estranged husband...which section do i sign it...he admits adultery and we are doing divorce ourselves.On the D80a there are 3 spaces to identify his siganiture which is the correct one the D80A ...we have no statement of children...that leaves the top one which says...i identify the sig that appears on the document ,which i have attached to this statement and marked A as the sig of my husband / wife who is the respondant in theese proceedings.


Or the last one that says...i identify the sig that appears at the foot of this document , which i have attached to this statement and marked c as the sig of my husband/ wife, who is the respondant in theese far as i can see he has signed the queztion 9a co fused .

If you are attaching acknowledgement of
service signed by your husband you fill in the top box.

There is no statement of arrangements
so you do not fill in the middle box.

If you are attaching any other kind of
document or statement with your husband's signature in you fill in the bottom
box. It may be that you have to fill in more than one box.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are you sure this is has been rejected before..saying..The petitioner puports to exhbit 2 documents -one marked A and one marked C - no such documents are exibited other than the Ackwoledgement of service which is neither marked A or C.. only the ackwoledgement of service is being sent ..i identified Aand C before as iwasnt sure...i dont want it to be rejected again...Thanks

The rejection says that there were no other docs than the Ack of Service .

You have to mark attached docs A or B or C or whatever they purport to be.

If you are sending just the Ack you sign just the top box.

What are you sending exactly?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im sending the Ack of service together with the application for decree nissi and statement of truth...where do you mark Ack of service doc A..

Attach a blank front sheet to each exhibit which says "This is the Exhibit A(or Ack of Service or whatever it is) referred to in form D80 dated XXX"

Put also Petitioner YYY and Respondent WWW at the top of the form.