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My partner is abusing me mentally and phisically

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Hello. My name isXXXXX partner is abusing me mentally and physically. We live in a share house with 4 other people. We have 2 years old daughter. He ignores her and me, but if he doesn't like something, he abuses me. Mostly mentally, but sometimes he beats me. I'm afraid of calling police, because he is the only working person in our family and I've heard that law will be on his side. I want to move out but he will call police then and say I kidnapped our daughter. We're polish family. He doesn't want to agree to claim for any documents for my daughter (she was born in england). Is there any hope for me to keep my child? I'm hard of hearing so it's difficult for me to learn language (I'm using google translate now) and find a job. I've read many articles in newspapers about kids taken away from both polish parents in UK. They've never seen their kids again. I will not make mentally when loose my daughter.

Thank you for your question, I shall do my best to help.
If you are being abused please get help as soon as possible
Please phone this number
0808 2000 247
and ask for help
You can find out more on the websites and
You do not have to suffer this abuse - not expose your child to it any longer.
You are entitled to move out with your daughter whenever you wish and he cannot accuse you of abducting your daughter.
Since you have always been the main carer of the child if there is a dispute about who the child will live with then you are likely to get a Residence Order stating that the child should live with you.
Please get help as soon as possible - and phone the police f he hits you again
If you need any further information or clarification please ask
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