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I am a UK citizen and I married a South Korean in South Korea

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I am a UK citizen and I married a South Korean in South Korea in November 2012. We want to move to the UK. Having looked at the UK Border Agency website,
it seems that my Korean wife has to be earning over 18500 pounds? Neither of us are earning that much. I maybe able to get a job around that figure in the UK but I doubt my wife will. Does she need to be able to work in the UK? Her English is good but she lacks qualifications. She was an English Teacher in Korea, but doesn't have the qualifications to teach in the UK.
How can I find out more about the financial requirements?

What amount of personal savings do you both have in total between you?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have about 15000 pounds.


Do you have any other form of income apart from your respective salaries?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No we don't any other income.


We plan to stay in a house owned by my parents, for free, until we can afford our own place. So we won't need to pay accommodation costs if that is any use?

We may be able to borrow money from family but no more than 10-20,000 pounds.

I plan to financially support her and myself.



What is your current salary and what is your wife current salary?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I make 14,000 pounds

My wife 10,000 pounds


(In Korea it's a decent wage!)




We currently live in Korea. I don't have a job in the UK as yet, but will apply for English ESL Teaching jobs at around 20,000 pounds.


Thanks for your reply.

Basically, you are going to have to find a job in do u k and come and work it for a period of time before your wife applies search for spouse visa. This is because of the financial requirements imposed upon you in this application. Because you do not have been saving it is required that you have an annual salary of £18 600 pa.

You will have to secure a job in the u k first and work here for a period of time, as part of the financial requirements if you are in employment in the united kingdom for less than 6 months then you will be eligible to apply provided that your annual salary at this time is more than the threshold amount but also that you are names including does derived from outside the u k for the previous 12 months exceed the salary threshold. You can check the financial requirements by linking to the guidance on the following united kingdom border agency website link:

You should consider instructing a united kingdom based solicitor practicing u k immigration laws to prepare your wife's application. This is the best advice I can give because they will collate and prepare the documents required to prove your eligibility as well as advising you on the likelihood of success.

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Kind regards.

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