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Hello, I am an Australian with residency here in the UK. If

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Hello, I am an Australian with residency here in the UK. If I inherit some money from my mother I understand that £350,000 is death duty free. If my mother leaves some money to my children is their inheritance similarly death duty free ? My mother lives in Australia. Its the UK law I don't know about. I know the Australian law on the topic.


Awan-Legal :



Awan-Legal :

Thanks for your question.


Awan-Legal :

The inheritance tax threshold in the UK is actually £325,000 at present in the UK after which 40% inheritance tax is to be paid on the excess amount above that figure.


Awan-Legal :

She can give a gift to you or your children above this amount but if she dies within 7 years of giving this financial gift, then the recipient will still be required to pay tax on this amount. If she survives beyond 7 years of the gift, then there is no tax to pay.


Awan-Legal :

The link below should help:


Awan-Legal :

I hope that is clear. Please click for a positive rating, thanks.


To be clear..... If she dies and leaves me here in the UK £325,ooo there is no tax payable.

If she also leaves my children, also here in the UK, say £50,000 each (I have 2 children) they would have to pay 40% tax on the sum they receive?

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