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Asked by you on Friday, June 22, 2012 2:27 PM (GMT/GMT)
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so if i have another marriage, back in Pakistan. Then can i announce that marriage in UK? i mean, if some immigration department or Court ask about my 2nd marriage status back in pakistan. then can i say YES, that i have another wife back in Pakistan (as i did another marriage in Pakistan), after marriage with Latvian woman. Does it affect my immigration status. i mean, is it any danger to let the immigration/court know or is it alright and no need to be scared?

Actually, i'm going to do divorce here with my Latvian wife because of some peronal reason between us. I did divorce petition. And then court sent her(my Latvian wife, who ic living in UK) D10 form , as she is respondent. And she has to sign the papers and need to send back to court.

and there was a question

"(in the case of proceeding relating to a polygamous marriage) If you have any wife/husband in addition to the the petitioner who is not mentioned in the petition, what is the name and address of each wife/husband and the date and place of your marriage to her/him?"

i dont know what she did write. but if she write"YES" and details of my 2nd wife and address (back in pakistan).

does it give negative affect on my immigration/visa status?

looking forward for your helpful reply


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From claire
Friday, June 22, 2012 4:01 PM (GMT/GMT)
What is your immigration status in the UK?

You replied
Friday, June 22, 2012 6:04 PM (GMT/GMT)
i have EEA national family member 5 years resident permit.

You replied
Friday, June 22, 2012 6:14 PM (GMT/GMT)
we are going to do divorce, after 3 years of marriage, and after that i have to apply for "retain the right of residence" . because when you complete 3 years of marriage before apply the divorce, then you can apply for "retain the right of residence" and you will be given another 5 years resident permit, and i will have to complete 5 years period to get Permanent Residency under european law. And now we are doing divorce.

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From claire
Friday, June 22, 2012 7:12 PM (GMT/GMT)
It will not effect your current immigration status at all - but you would not be able to bring your second wife to the Uk as your spouse unless you remarried her after the divorce.#



so when i talke with my solicitor, then why he said that i'm breaking the UK law, as i did 2nd marriage back in Pakistan. And he said that "i will think about further proceedings and let you know, maybe i should stop proceedings your case any more, just give time till monday to let you know" .

Here i want to ask that

1) can he stop the proceedings? if YES, then How? i mean, what will happen after with my case, which is under process in court and has been sent to court by his company name and with his company address.
(he has already started my divorce proceedings. he submitted my divorce petition, and then court has issued D10 form to get the signatures of my wife, and my wife has already posted the papers back to court after signature.)

2) if you will tell me that what he can do to stop he services, then please guide me as well that what i should do after?

3)will my divorce proceeding stopped if he will take his steps back?

4) can he let the court know as well, the reason, that why he has stopped serving me.

i will very thankful to you if you will help me out.



Your solicitor is wrong - your second "marriage" does not effect your current divorce at all.
If he decides to no longer act for you then you can instruct another solicitor to take the matter over and complete it - the court will not be concerned with your other relationship
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