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I have separated from my husband but still want him to have

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I have separated from my husband but still want him to have contact with his children, he does not want contact with his children unless i am there as well as a family, what shall i do?



Thanks for your question.


You can’t force a parent to have contact that they don’t wish to have. So, were you to not agree to be there when he sees the children and he does not agree to see children then there is little you can do, frankly.


It is a legally obligation that he should pay maintenance at the CSA rate, or otherwise at a rate ordered by the Court as a result of financial settlement through the divorce. This is what you can enforce.


You may consider suggesting going through mediation to see if you can unpick your way through his current objections to some mutually agreeable form of compromise contact. Resolution is a good place to start:-


Ultimately though, if he is immoveable then it’s probable that you will have to take a view on what is best having regard to the children.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What do i do if he is stalking me, wanting to know everything im doing, always questioning the children, he is very controlling which is why i left him, what do i do for the childrens best interests?



It's for you to judge what is in the children's best interests. You do not have to give him any other personal details which do not affect the children if you do not wish to.


You need to be clear about the purpose for your continuing dialogue with him, if it's only for the children then you need to state this. It's then his choice about the contact he has.

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