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My partner interviewed for a job and was going to be made an

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My partner interviewed for a job and was going to be made an offer. However, he didn't hear any more and the offer didn't materialise. We have since found out that it was because someone in that office stood up and shouted 'I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole' when my partner was being discussed after the interview. This person neither knows or has worked with my partner and has since admitted he got his facts wrong. While I suppose there's nothing we can do about the job situation, is there something I can write to this person to give him a bit of a legal scare so he doesn't ruin someone else's chances of getting work?

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How did this information come to light exactly?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
My partner was told this, asked someone at his work who is friends with this guy. He asked his friend who readily admitted he did this, then said he'd made some calls and realised he'd made a mistake.

Thank you. You are correct that unfortunately there is little that can be done about the job. In terms of approaching the person who made the comments, whilst there is nothing stopping you from writing to them to make your feelings clear, from a legal perspective it would just serve the purpose of making you feel like you have done the right thing, but without actually giving you much to take it further if you wanted to. The comments would have certainly been immoral and something they should have refrained from doing, but legally it is unlikely that they have done anything wrong, at least not something which can be taken any further from a legal perspective.

So if you did wish to contact them over this, I would suggest you do so under the following:

· Defamation – if the comments they made tends to lower the subject’s reputation in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally.

· Malicious falsehood - if the comments contains untrue words that were published maliciously, so a situation where the person knew the contents were untrue and published them anyway. Publishing can be verbal and does not have to be written

· Negligent misstatement – simple negligence where the person has failed to do their homework and has stated inaccurate facts without checking their validity first.

These are the legal options you can raise but as mentioned, in reality a claim against them will be unlikely to succeed so it just serves the purpose of giving them a ‘legal scare’ as you put it.

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