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Jenny McKenzie
Jenny McKenzie,
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Hi, I am currently under an investigation at work. A customer

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I am currently under an investigation at work. A customer complaint was made by one of my customers complaining that they had not agreed to a service I had allegedly sold them.
However, I did not process any customer order for that customer. The order was processed by the administration department with out my consent.
I was told to attend an investigation meeting to discuss the complaint. However the two people in the investigation meeting didn't understand what I was trying to tell them about the order processing procedure and how I didn't process the order. When I tried to tell them that I didn't process the order they wouldn't listen and told me it was my fault. Thy both raised their voices to me which made me feel very intimidated.
I want to resign. I do not want to go to the final disciplinary meeting tomorrow to hear the outcome.
My reputation has been damaged within the company and now I cannot complete my management training there. I have been employed at this company for two years and have never had disciplinary action taken against me before.
I have sent an email to the HR department with my resignation letter included.
What are all the potential outcomes of this action regarding my disciplinary hearing tomorrow?

Please help,
Kind Regards
Hello and welcome to Just Answer, has the company accepted your resignation?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have heard nothing from them regarding acceptance of my resignation.


I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar. I feel very stressed at the moment.

when did you send the email and do you want to attend the disciplinary? Don't worry about spelling/ punctuation I hadn't noticed!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I sent the email to the HR department at 3.29 today.

I had already written the email yesterday and its states that I want my resignation to take effect from 01.07.13. I don't think this makes any difference, however that's what it says.


I don't want to attend this disciplinary. I feel too stressed out.

I feel disappointed in my company's reaction.

They failed to see that the order was clearly processed by administration under a technical login ID. The ID from admin is on the processed order not mine. If I had processed the order it would be my ID and login. Its clearly not.


Sorry, I don't mean to ramble. I'm just worried.


Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX have handed in your resignation then the company should accept it. The company cannot force you to attend a disciplinary hearing if you do not want to attend (although it may elect to hear the disciplinary in your absence).

In terms of future employment your employer may refer to the fact that you have resigned pending the outcome of a disciplnary in any reference request. Obviously the prospective employer may chose to read something into this.

It may be better to raise a greivance about the way that the investigation was handled and to highlight the fact that the company were not taking your side of the story seriously and that you believe that the outcome has been pre-empted. The employer will then be under a duty to hear your grievance. If you are dismissed following an inadequate investigation you will have the right to claim unfair dismissal.

If you have any follow on questions please do ask. If I have answered your question i would be grateful if you would give postiive feedback. Thank you and all the best.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank-you, that's a great help.




Hello glad it's helpful. Please remember to giver answer a positive rating as I do not otherwise get rewarded for my time.

All the best for the future.
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