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Ben Jones
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legally we may not be able to restrain him from setting up

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legally we may not be able to restrain him from setting up shop in competition with us but morally we can make him sign that for 2 years he will not compete directly with us within a radius of 2 miles inside Gibraltar territory?

Ben Jones :

Hello again, is his contract governed by UK law?


yes , i presume law here is similar to uk law


please explain how your charging system works - if i keep on asking questions on the same topic do i pay 22 pounds and no more or i pay each time i ask annother question


what charges have i incurred sine i asked my original question about 21/2 weeks ago ?

Ben Jones :

I do not have access to your account so cannot say what you have spent so far. there is a subscription option where you can ask a number of questions for one fee but you have to contact customer services for all these queries [email protected]

Going back to your question, what you may consider a moral restriction will have no standing in law - moral obligations are completely separate to legal obligations and what you may consider morally correct will not necessarily be legal. There is nothin stopping you from having such a restriction in his contract and hoping that he will simply adhere to it. However, if he does not and goes on to breach it then there is no guarantee that it will actually be legally enforceable if you wished to pursue it. This is especially true when you are considering imposing a 2-mile restriction radius in Gibraltar when that would more or less cover the whole territory

Ben Jones :

I would be grateful if you could please take a second to leave a positive rating - your question will not close and I can continue providing further advice if necessary. Thank you

Customer: I rate this in a positive way as a good service but im tols the question will close if I rate it
Ben Jones :

no it will not, you can always come back to it if necessary

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