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Ben Jones
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Ben thanks for that, a bit more info: The VR announcement was

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Ben thanks for that, a bit more info: The VR announcement was made at 10:00 hrs on 10/06/13. My retirement request form was registered in HRSS at 15:30 hrs on the same day. I was not in work on that day otherwise I would have intercepted it and HRSS would have been none the wiser, I requested retraction the following morning i.e. within 24 hrs of my receiving VR notification. Would you not expect HRSS to inform me that the VR plan was in process?
Also, I understand that if I applied for VR I may not get it, but I am being told that I cannot apply. Is there no standard protocol here that should be followed? I dont at this stage want to cause serious ructions as it would undoubtedly lead to a NO regarding the VR application.

Ben Jones :

Hello again, there is no duty on the employer to inform you of their plans for VR, it may be considered good practice but certainly not a legal requirement. The issue again is that what is good practice does not make something unlawful if it is not followed. Unless there was a specific right to withdraw your retirement application the employer does not have to allow this and they can proceed with it as per your request. The only thing you can do to challenge their refusal to allow you you to even apply is go down the grievance route - that may change their mind, however even if you are allowed to apply they can quite easily still reject the application

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