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Hi, My line manager has referred me to the occ health dept

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My line manager has referred me to the occ health dept at work. I am currently under a specialist and on medication for having an overactive thyroid, which my employer is aware of, but I have never been on sick leave because of this. The reason for the referral is that it has been noticed in work that my moods and stress levels are erratic and this sometimes impacts on others at work.

I don't mind telling occ health about the thyroid but I have another health issue, which my employer also knows about, but I don't want to disclose to occ health because it is the workload, stress and thyroid problem that is the culprit for my moods etc.

My question is am I under any legal obligation to disclose ALL health issues to the occ health dept at work esp as I haven't been on sick through either issue? Also, can my employer force me to show documentary evidence of such issues?

Many Thanks.

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Is the other issue affecting your ability to do your job?
Customer: No I don't believe that it is as I only found out about it last week.
Ben Jones : Does OH actually know about this issue yet?
Customer: I don't know as it was only mentioned in a general conversation with my line manager, also my manager said I was being referred to them because of stress.
Ben Jones : You do not have to mention any illnesses or conditions that you do not want to and can keep the issues to these for which you were seeing OH about in the first place. No one can force you to reveal information about your medical situation which you do not wish too share with others. However, the role of OH is to consider your medical conditions and how they affect your work, so if there are illnesses which affect your work but which you do not mention, then they may not be given the full picture of what is happening and when they present their recommendations they could be inaccurate. This could eventually be blamed on you if the employer follows OH advice based on what you told them but that does not improve things for you in the long run
Customer: My thyroid condition is known to many at work and I know that the other condition will be rectified in a short time (1-2 months). As I explained the conversation about the other condition was mentioned in general conversation and I don't see it right that my manager should use this info as part of the referral to OC, I wouldnt have mentioned it otherwise ! I havnt seen occ health as yet as my manager only told me today that she was referring me to them.
Customer: Just to clarify then Ben, I do not have to mention all issues to Occ Health, is that correct?
Ben Jones : That is correct, as long as you are careful not to mislead them when it comes to the conditions that may affect your job
Customer: Many thanks for your assistance with this matter Ben, you've been a great help.
Ben Jones : My pleasure. Please take a second to leave a positive rating for the service I have provided you with as that is an important part of our process. Thank you
Customer: No Probs.
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