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gossiping about manager

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my manager has called a meeting for thurs with me because she says i have been gossiping about her, I dont know what to expect but have been told shes in a state because she is being investigated for a serious bullying charge she is well known for upsetting staff, and she overheard us gossiping i think she might have heard me whisper hitler to someone, also I am taking a manager with me for the hearing I hav confided things to this other manager can she drop me in it because Julie my manager insists i take this particular one in with me can I just say its m&s I work for I hav worked for them for 12 years with no problems until now also this particular manager pulling me up upset me so badly I nearly got signed off with stress 2 months ago can this other manager by law repeat what i told her in the meeting thanks. ps if they give me a warning do i have a case as my doctor has proof that I was in a bad way as he prescribed me some strong medication to settle the stress down


I am afraid that the other manager may disclose what you revealed to her in confidence legally, although it would be morally wrong to do so.

Secondly, your manager could give you a warning if they feel you have engaged in misconduct, at the meeting, or they could drop the issue after explaining the company disciplinary policy to you.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you give me more information you have not replied to my question about whether I can dispute the warning as she has caused me to be off with stress,the doctor has my notes also its not me thats put in grievance about bullying its someone else

Yes, you may dispute the warning if you did not engage in the alleged acts which resulted in the warning being issued.

In your defence, you can state that you have been signed off from stress and that the workplace environment has not been kind to you.

Hope this clarifies.
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