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Myself & my team have been & are currently employed by the

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Myself & my team have been & are currently employed by the UK registered company of what is ultimately an American company.
We have a European comany based in Denmark which employs all other staff around Europe (Germany, France, Spain etc) BUT UK staff have always been under uk company.
We have recently closed our UK warehouse down & now service all customers from Denmark (although I have since set up a 2 person office in London for customer service).
The MD of Europe wants to trade 100% through the European company & as such bring all UK staff under that company.
What, if any, are the impliations on myself & my team changing our employment from a UK registered company to a Danish company?
I am advised that all current T&C's will be honoured & simple transfered across to Danish company.

It will be a TUPE transfer and as far as you are concerned, there will not be much implication for you and your fellow UK colleagues.

Your employment terms, date of commencement of employment etc. remain the same.

See here for further information:

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for that.

Does it make any difference if they word it as follows:--


"Regarding employement everyone are still employed by Wild Republic UK. However I would like to move the employment contract to Wild Republic Denmark to have everything under one roof. This should not change anything, as everybody is employed according to local employment law (like in France, Spain etc.) and we would transfer seniority, redundancy accruals etc."





The contract would still be subject to UK law even if the employer changes from a UK company to a Danish one.

I suggest getting an employment lawyer invoLved to ensure paperwork is drafted properly.

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