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I was seconded to another country for my previous company a

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I was seconded to another country for my previous company a few years ago. I have a letter from HR stating the details of the transfer. It mentions "the company will provide you with access to a professional tax accountant in order to complete your 2009/2010 tax return. You will be eligible for assistance only relating to your tax return and any assistance sought from the tax professional will be subject to a pre approved level by Human Resources." I left the company in 2010. I have now been asked by HMRC to submit a tax return for that year. I contacted my previous employer to get them to pay for an accountant to do the tax return. They've refused to do it because I've left the company. The transfer letter does not mention any conditions with regards XXXXX XXXXX still being employed by the company in order to have access to the tax professional. I have had a quote of 2500£ for the tax return (it's a complicated situation) so I am quite keen to get my previous employer to pay for it!
I would need a lawyer to help me write a letter to ask to fulfill what's in the contract. Unless you think the company is right.

I agree with you. In the absence of an express condition stating that access to the accountant is only if you remain employed by them, any doubt should be exercised in your favour and they should pay for the accountant whether or not you are employed by them.

You should write a letter specifying their obligation to pay the accountant, stating the above opinion of a solicitor, setting out the amount quoted of £2500 and that you may take legal action to recover the money if they breach their obligation.

If they st,I'll refuSe to pay u, you may take court action at

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