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Hello. I am working for a company in Belfast. I resigned a

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Hello. I am working for a company in Belfast. I resigned a week ago and my last day of employment will be the 2nd of January. I have 11 annual leave day, which were granted to me. I took them from 13 Dec - 31 Dec, and I would return to work for one more day on the 2nd Jan.

My suspicion is, that my company does not want to pay the holidays (christmas, boxing day and new year), so they told me today that I do not have to work on 2nd of January, and I will get my annual leave day paid all at once this friday.

Can the company do that when I don't agree?

Thanks in advance

(I have given 4 weeks of notice and my last day of employment is not a annual leave day or holiday which they said would not be possible (e.g. 1st of January))

You are entitled to payment until your last day of employment which would cover the Christmas and New Year holidays.

You can agree with your employer that you do not need to return to work on the 2nd January provided you are paid in full for all days up to 1st January.

If you are not paid for the holidays, you may lodge a claim against your employer for the money.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
the company now said that it was agreed that my last day of employmet was the 12th of December which is not true and I also have a letter from HR that states the 2nd January as my last day. Can the employer reject my resignation and change the date of termination?

No, they cannot do so unilaterally without your consent.

The letter from HR is good evidence. You may need to lodge a claim in the industrial tribunal which you can do online here:

All the best.