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My mother was informed she was to be made redundant owing to

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My mother was informed she was to be made redundant owing to the business she works for being in difficulties. The owner of the business informed her verbally and then put it in writing. My mother had to explain about the redundancy notice period and get the letter changed, which is was. The last day of notice is the 22nd November. On the 21st November 2012, my mother was informed at 4:55pm, by the owner that she would be unable to pay her the redundancy package on the 22nd November as the owner has no money.

Is there anything my mother can do to claim the redundancy ? My mother has worked for this business for 9 years. She is massively stressed and I am trying to assist her in finding out what she can do.
If the employer is still trading, your mother should put a written demand for payment if she is not paid on the 22nd November as agreed.

She must put in a written demand within 6 months of her employment ending and if payment is still not made, she may file an employment tribunal claim, assuming she is not claiming unfair/constructive dismissal as well.


If the employer has gone out of business (is insolvent) and an administrator or liquidator has been appointed, they should give her form RP1. If they haven't, she should contact them at their registered office. The liquidator will then claim it from the National Insurance Fund.


If she doesn't know who the liquidator is, she may call the Redundancy Payments Office (RPO) Helpline on 0845(NNN) NNN-NNNN They will be able to advise her on what to do and may be able to send her a copy of the form.


If no liquidator has been appointed, she can complete the form herself and submit it directly to the RPO:

RPO contact details:

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