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Hello, I quit my job last November and decided to move on

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I quit my job last November and decided to move on as my manager did not put me forward for a promotion in 2010 and then in 2011 said that I was not ready and it's never going to happen. I had recognition from my team and had achieved the required promotion criterias between 2009 - 2010. However, 2 of my colleagues were promoted when I was told that promotions were not happening in 2010.

I was told by my manager in Oct 2011 during my performance appraisal that I will not be put forward again for promotion and all of this inspite of achieving an exceeds and high meets metrics with good feedbac from my Corporate officers. I was asked to move desk and my PC often crashed with no sign of replacement of the same. Finally decided I could not take it anymore and put in my papers, also tried getting a new role in another department, the interview was successful however was not hired. My last day in the office was on Nov 5th 2011 with no sign of an exit interview, no one from HR asked for the ID cards as well. I walked alone out of the office with a brief farewell which seemed to be a formality by my manager who had already humiliated me in her cabin by saying "once you walk out of this office, you will walk alone with no job, no money and nothing at all" I felt disappointed and hurt and did not want to go to HR as was unsure of what to expect since I was leaving on the same day. I had worked 11 years with the Bank and felt that my expience will help in getting me a job. I was able to get interviews and they have been successful, however am not getting hired. Am not sure of what transpires during the reference process or is my hiring process being stalled. My credit rating is excellent, I left with respect and dignity and on a high note with strong work ethics. Am not sure how to move forward as I feel there maybe an issue of which am not aware. Please advise me of the next step of action. Is there a way, can I get a reference check done. I reached out to the HR of the previous organisation, they reverted by information that they cannot provide me with feedback. Appreciate your help and guidance.

Sorry to hear about this.

I suggest you make a subject access request (SAR) under the Data Protection Act 1998 to your former employer and ask for all records and information they hold on you.

You may be able to obtain copies of references etc. and judge from there whether references are stalling you from being hired again.

It is too late to bring an employment tribunal claim against your former employer, you may have been looking at constructive dismissal.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How do I arrange for a SAR? I tried getting a work experience and reference letter but HR cannot provide me with one. They reverted saying they could address it to future employers only.
They are obliged by law to respond to a SAR, see here:

whereas they are not obliged to issue you with a reference letter.

Hope this clarifies. Please leave feedback
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will try to register and get the SAR. If the reference is adverse even though I have been a commendable associate, what should be my next step in getting a job. Am afraid that there maybe underlying consequences in getting future employment.
That is another question for another day, you should first wait and see what the SAR turns up.

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