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Hi, part of my duties can be to help fill ATMs. A large amount

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Hi, part of my duties can be to help fill ATMs. A large amount of money has gone missing at the end of August. I realised this on 5th August and informed the relevant people. Nothing much happened after that. Audit have recently become involved and I returned from AL today. My line manager was there and took me for a coffee. I was then taken to a hotel and taken into a meeting room when someone from fraud department and the audit department where there. Then then proceeded to go through events with me for over 3 hours.

From the CCTV footage I can see that I have not followed company procedure 100% which has led to this loss however they seem to be trying to pin me with theft which I am not guilty of. They are implying that I have left money in the bags that were delivered, then put them in the bin, then taken the bin out to the communal bins. After this I have gone to my car and then returned to work. Apparently I have somehing in my hand when I go to my car but they cannot tell me what it is or show me the CCTV as it belongs to another company. The CCTV of me and a colleague filling the ATM looks damning but I know that I have not taken the money.

My initial reaction is to provide character references and bank statements to show I have no need to take this money and also no history of anything like this. I am also tempted to get the police involved to see if they can find where this money is.

My company are insistent that the money has goe missing while I am present and although a colleague is there to provide dual control I am the only one who touches the money.

I feel like it is a case that someone needs to be blamed as they can't just allow this to happen without making an example of someone.

What should I do?

I am afraid your employer only needs a reasonable suspicion to discipline or dismiss you over this incident, as you have admitted not following company procedure which may have led to the loss of the money.

As for criminal liability, if the matter goes to the police and courts, it is up to the crown to prove that you are guilty, not for you to prove that you are innocent. If you have not done the crime, you should not be found guilty-but this does not mean you cannot be dismissed from employment.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.



I will hold my hands up to the procedure part as I have left myself wideopen but I do not want any suspicion of theft hanging over me.


Is there anything you can suggest that I can do to support my case?




There is nothing you can do that I can think of other than to help with investigations leading to the tracing of the money.

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