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My brother has been asked to work till September this year

Resolved Question:

My brother has been asked to work till September this year by the Canadian company he works for - ISL Health (managed by HCP Social Infrastructure Canada Ltd.) - to train his Canadian replacement which he has agreed to do. They have said there may not be a job for him when he returns to England and possible redundancy. If he is given formal notice of 3 months notice of redundancy at the end of June, thus allowing him to find an alternative job from end June onwards, what would his position be on the right to jump on the first plane back to England in July to find an alternative job? Reason for doing this is that it will be very difficult to find a job in England whilst he is still in Canada?
David Hurlbut
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Employment Law
Expert:  Awan-Legal replied 5 years ago.

Awan-Legal : Hi
Awan-Legal : By law he must work off his notice period So if the three months is contained in his contract, then he is obliged to work this period. However, he is entitled to time off for interviews and looking for jobs or training. Please refer to pages 21+ off the following link:
Awan-Legal :
Awan-Legal : In practice though this would be difficult from Canada to the UK so it may be worth him discussin whether he can opt for garden leave with his employer.

O.k. thanks.

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