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Louie, Customer Service
Category: UK Electronics
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Drone LS-Model 126 - broken part tried replacing the battery

Customer Question

Drone LS-Model 126 - broken part
tried replacing the battery and the pin connection on the female part which is connected to the drone (not the battery) broke so cant connect batteries now, can you advise what is the part i need and if this can be done diy?
tried searching and noticed i can replace the entire board but then realised to much work, then noticed i can possibly just change the pins themselves? (as these are sold separately) or if can replace the female connection but not sure which need to buy and if this is diy
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: UK Electronics
Expert:  Louie replied 12 months ago.

Hi Adam and welcome to the site, I’m Louie. Sorry you had to wait awhile but I’ll do my best to help.

Initially and as a hopeful workaround for "", consider using safety pins cut to length and solder the wires from the board.

Or consider replacing the connector male & female pair (not exact substitute). Click HERE.

Or order from China but for 20 pairs HERE. Communicate with the seller to confirm sizes.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

Thanks Louie

The latter did not open though the maplin link did, the connections

I believe this is what i require

but not sure if sold in uk and how easy for me to replace myself if i do find it


this means just replacing the broken pin but not sure if its that straight forward i.e. just open the plastic cover and replace the pin ?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

Actually i note my link is for 3 pns and a 3 pin housing unit, do you think this can be broken and just insert the 2 pin?

Expert:  Louie replied 12 months ago.

Appreciate the post back.

To my understanding, just two (2) wires, red & black or for the + and the - hence 2-pins should serve the purpose.

Perhaps you can post back with a clear picture of the connectors showing the pins?

Please click HERE.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** its possible to attach images

Please see attached the broken part , intially thought the entire part needs replacing though not easy to find, also not sure if can just replace the pins

Expert:  Louie replied 12 months ago.

If the pin size would be the same, then yes it should work with no problem.

Still, I was suspecting something like this to be the issue hence the earlier suggestion of a short length from a suitable safety pin. Then solder to this cut length of safety pin the black wire. Heatshrink tube may be used.

Or pulled out pins from donor.old/defective desktop computer motherboards.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

Sorry Louie, your reply is a bit of chinese to me, not sure what you are suggesting here ?

what do you mean by safety pin? is this as per the image i sent and are you advising i need to solder it into the housing unit as in open the existing one and replace the pins or cut the wire and replace the housing unit?

Expert:  Louie replied 12 months ago.

I was suggesting possible workaround without buying parts; replacement pin (only) that can be from readily available sources.

Click HERE for a safety pin.

And HERE for a computer motherboard that has also pins that can be pulled out if of the same size.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

you mean replace the broken pin with a safety pin? surely not same diameter as the broken one?

Expert:  Louie replied 12 months ago.

A cut length from a safety pin. Diameter would be whatever would fit/match the female / other connector.