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I purchased a Humax 4 tune HMS - 1000T a couple of months

Customer Question

Hi, I purchased a Humax 4 tune HMS - 1000T a couple of months ago, and I'm really happy with it. However, in the last few days with any programme I select the recording drop down box no longer includes the "record whole series," option, obvioudsly the show being a series. I've doubled checked all settings which has not resolved the issue. In frustration, I reset everything under "factory default," loosing hundreds of hours of recordings and all my scheduled recordings. This did not resolve the problem. What do you recommend?
Also, if after watching a programme and I delete it, then decide I want to watch it again, how do I recover it please? I have looked in the "to be deleted" file but it is totally empty, ie, no programmes in it from over the hundreds I have deleted. Before this Humax, for years I have a TiVo setup. With TiVo when you deleted a programme it went into a "deleted" file, which, if desired, you could easily go into and retrieve the programme of choice. I look forward to your reply resolvinv these two issues. Thank you, Eddie
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Electronics
Expert:  Anthony InfoTech replied 1 year ago.



These issues are caused by bad system software, the problem will manifest itself into one particular annoying thing then it will spread like a virus and take other things out so the first thing to do is check that the software is upto date the unit should have done this automatically but it doesnt always happen so here it is <<click

Let me know any issues surrounding this please