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Lou P
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What do you think of 162 000 km on a Mercedes e cdi 4matic

Customer Question

What do you think of 162 000 km on a Mercedes e cdi 4matic 2009 (2010mod). The car works perfectly - I simply love it. I am 71 years old and I cannot afford a new one. Should I keep it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Lou P replied 1 year ago.
Hello, this is a hard question to answer as there are lots of variables, the first thing i think of is the high mileage, to me if you cannot afford a new one then you cannot afford the repairs that this one will run you the same. the more miles you get on this car the more that will go wrong and will eventually exceed the cars worth, a new one may not be in the cards but a slightly used one would be ideal. without even knowing the specifics with your age you dont want a car with high mileage that can leave you stranded somewhere, you want a lower mileage car with an extended warranty coverage so you dont have to worry about out of pocket expenses. let me know your thoughts, Lou P
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks for the answer. One of the reasons why I am hesitant as to get a newer car is that lots of people claim that 162 000 km on a 6 cylinder Merc(###) ###-####mod is not much and that it can run the triple of that.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I thought that you, as an expert on 350 Merc, had a clear idea whether 162 000 km is a high mileage or not. We do not drink much a year - maybe 10 000 km. I could drive the car for ten years and only have 262 000km.
Expert:  Lou P replied 1 year ago.
WELL the issue is that it can run forever, BUT all the little repairs that can happen as you drive can accumulate
Expert:  Lou P replied 1 year ago.
also the low miles that are put on a car are actually worse as the car needs to run in a certain area of engine temperature and rpm and length of drive, so please do not think i dont think the car can last you, the issue is not whether the car can last or not, the issue is do you at your age want to worry of all things about a car to be dependable? the electronics will soon start to fail as well as the ignition switch and such, granted i love these care but there comes a point to where you have to consider if a 300$ a month payment is better than a 6000$ repair bill in one month as it can happen. especially with the 4-matic the transmission were problematic. so in my eyes if you have kept the car up to date on maint and it drives perfect with no issues then you may have a winner and i suggest to keep it, if your car has had to visit the shop more than normal since you owned it then i would suspect that you will have future issues and i suggest to upgrade or change to a lower mileage care, that is just my opinion in the 20 years i been in the field :)i did not want to come on hear and lie to you i wanted to give you some thought behind the decision, i hope this is helpful to you. Lou P.