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Nathan B
Nathan B, UK Car Mechanic
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  NVQ3 Motor Vehicle mechanics, with 20+ yrs experience and 4 years running my own garage.
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Focus: I cannot wind the piston back into the calliper on my

Customer Question

I cannot wind the piston back into the calliper on my '04 Focus. I have the tool but there is no way it will go back. When I have the tool up tight the handbrake lever is also locked as though that mechanism is preventing the piston going back in.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Nathan B replied 1 year ago.
Hi there. Welcome to ja.comI hope I can be of hep to you today. Ok. Some of the pistons are actually left hand thread and if you are using the right hands thread tool this will not wind it back and if you put too much pressure on it you can actually break the threads and then the caliper is useless and will then need replacing. Once it is wound back and the new pads fitted etc. Then you can refit everything in reverse order but don't pull the handbrake until you have pumped the pedal until it goes tight otherwise you will lose the adjustment on the handbrake and you will have to wind it back again and start again. If it is not possible to wind it back using the lefT hand thread tool also, check that the rubber cover over the piston is in tact and also you can pull the rubber cover back just to make sure that the piston isn't corroded. If it is then you are going to have to remove the caliper and then remove the piston, clean it up carefully with a buffer and then carefully refit it back in making sure that the rubber seal doesn't get caught and split. You can then wind it back as mentioned before. If you do have to remove the caliper you will have to bleed the brakes so as to remove air from the system. I hope I have helped you with this matter. If you require any further help on this matter you can post again on here. Also if you require help in the future Please don't hesitate to get in contact on this site via my profile and I will be happy to help you again. Please rate my answer if you are satisfied and any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you in advanceNathan