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As per my question send yesterday i have a Pajero '99 import

Customer Question

Hi Doug, My name is Johan.
As per my question send yesterday i have a Pajero '99 import from Japan into Zambia.
I had the problem wher the horn would not stop blowing.
The fuse was pulled after which my electrician removed the steering wheel and repaired the contact in the steering,after thet the power windows on bothe sides would not work and the dash instrimentation was not working either, including with the indicators.
we checked the battery terminals ,the fuses, the lines between the fuse box and the door including the connection between the door and the body at the hinge.
At the moment the RH window is stuck half way open.
Please advise
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please use my other mail adress***@******.*** should you want to communicate faster.
Please review the payments done as a payment was made erlier today as was a second payment requested with the current communication.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Doug,
I drove the car and found the aircon misbehaving and the cruise control nor working as well.Regards ***** *****
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

Hi Johan,

There isn't really any reason to suspect that there was connection between the horn pad repair and the symptoms you are experiencing if the repair was approached normally.

I would be concerned that perhaps they attempted to do some sort of "other" repair inside the dash to try to circumvent the horn issue initially leading to issues.

Regardless, the only thing that really could have occurred here to result in window loss, dash lighting, and indicators would be a fuse failure. I would want to go over all of the fuses both under bonet and in dash and make sure something did not pop. It is very likely you have a blown fuse here is all, and hopefully from something momentary and not any sort of hard short they may have created.

If nothing is found with the fuses, then I would strongly recommend getting it back to the shop that did the repairs as of course it is highly unlikely to have three completely unrelated failures to just happen to crop up at the same time... it is more likely a result of something they did and being that it would have to be some sort of modification (if no fuse is at fault), there is no real textbook to go by to determine what exactly happened since we have no idea of what all they did while they were in there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Doug,
Please advise if there is any body control modules in the car that might have fuse that can be faulty.
The sun roof is working and the 4X4 function has also failed.
The car is still driveable and the auto trans is functioning normal
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


There are no single modules that would be relative to all of the issues you have failing at once.

Specifically... the turn signals operate through a flasher module under the dash, but it has no effect on the windows or instruments operating. The window module is built in to the master window switch and has no effect on the others. The sunroof module is built into the motor as well. The instruments are all standalone in each behavior (speedo/tach vs temp vs fuel vs warning lights, all handled separately).

Given the broad range of malfunctions you have, for them all to be inter-related you are pretty much down to a anomaly in the dash (something unplugged or loose from when they were working on it) or multiple fuses popped (none of the areas you are having problems with share any fuses).

With regard to the 4WD operation, a scan of the system to see what transfer ecu/TCM faults (not OBD faults) are present to prevent operation.... but again given the assortment of problems after the work performed, I would want to get the other issues sorted before assuming there is an additional issue. If the 4WD worked before, it is likely going to be in the same situation with the other issues, a result of something left loose etc.