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I want to install a stereo in my hyndai h200 van. i bought

Customer Question

i want to install a stereo in my hyndai h200 van. for this i bought an iso converter and cuttet the wires from the car in order to connect to the wires of the radio. Unfortunately the wire colors are differtent. I need to know which color should be connectet to eachother
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the wires from the car has the following colors:- black
- blue/white stripe
- black/blue stripe
- white/red stripe
- red/yellow stripe
- black/red stripe
- grey
- white/blue stripe
- green/yellow stripethe iso connector from the car radio has the following coloured wires:- yellow
- black
- orange
- red
- blue
- purple
- white
- white/black stripe
- grey
- grey/black stripe
- purple/black stripe
- green
- green/ black stripei need to know which wire has to connect to eachother.Thank you for your reply!Kindest regards, ***** ***** Netherlands
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 1 year ago.

I am in the USA & noticed you have not received an answer.
I do not have wiring diagram for this non USA vehicle, but I can tell you how to find the different speaker wires if you would like.
You will need a AA, AAA or 9Volt Battery
let me know if you want to try.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i just need to know which wires should connect to eachother without buying more equipment. Thanks
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 1 year ago.

I understand.............
Likely you know for the Unit you are installing, wire colors are:
-yellow = Constant 12 Volts +
- black = Ground -
- orange = Dial Light +
- red = Ignition / Accessory +
- blue = Amp or Power Antenna ON +
- white = Left Front Speaker +
- white/black stripe = Left Front Speaker -
- grey = Right Front Speaker +
- grey/black stripe Right Front Speaker -
- purple = Right Rear Speaker +
- purple/black stripe = Right Rear Speaker -
- green Left Rear Speaker = Left Rear Speaker +
- green/ black stripe = Left Rear Speaker -


To test speakers of your vehicle;
It is best if you have a Test Light & test each cut wire of the Factory Harness for Constant (+), Ignition ON & Dial Light, by probing each wire with the Test Light with Key ON & Lights On

Take a AA, AAA OR 9 Volt Battery & using the (+) & (-) of the battery, test each pair of wires by "briefly" touching one wire to (+) & another wire to (-) & listen inside vehicle for "which speaker" makes noise
This is called "popping the speakers" to find which pair of wires go to which speaker.
NOTE: If your Vehicle has an Amplifier connected to the speakers this CANNOT be done
IF your vehicle has "4" speakers start with "8" wires that are similar color matched of the Factory wires
Strip a little insulation of each of the 8 wires
DO NOT let them touch each other
Seperate a pair & touch to the battery (+) & (-)
IF no sound, leave one wire attached to the (+) side of the Battery & briefly touch another wire to the (-) of the battery until you find a pair
Do this with all wires until you seperate the "4" Speakers
When using AA or AAA Battery the speaker noise will be a low "static" sound
When using a 9 volt battery, the speaker noise will sound like a pop

let me know if you need further

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 1 year ago.

did you need further?