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Category: UK Car
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I've somehow managed to deactivate the audio phone system,

Customer Question

Hi Doug , I've somehow managed to deactivate the audio phone system, the phone I have has never been paired with it , how do I reactivate it. It's a Rockford fosgate system in a Mitsubishi Outlander 2007
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


There isn't any deactivation on the factory phone system on these vehicles. The only similar behavior you can do is you can "lock" the system with a password ***** will cause it to not give any notifications of any kind unless you hit the speech button, at which point it asks for the password ***** then if inputted goes back to normal.
However on the 2007-2008 models if the system is locked it can not be unlocked without the password. This is an over sight that was corrected by 2009, however the previous models can not be un-done.... if the password ***** ***** the hands free module is essentially worthless, there is no way to over ride it on these early models. Replacement is necessary.

If however you are getting no response at all even when speech is pressed, then there is likely a malfunction occurring. I would double check all of the fuses first off and make sure there is nothing obvious going on there. If all fuses are intact, I would double check the connection on the hands free module (located beneath the radio; remove the side registers and center radio panel, then radio chassis to access the module).
If connections are intact and fuses are good, that would put you down to either a module or the button gang going bad. A scan tool could be used to verify which (communication or lack of communication with module, or verification of button inputs).

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