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Ya, grey smoke is coming from the exhaust and also from

Customer Question

grey smoke is coming from the exhaust and also from under the hood which becomes more intense as the engine revs up. The engine is very weak, it barely moves the car. If it rests it becomes a bit better but after a minute or so it becomes very weak again (and that's when the smoking starts) to the point when it won't move the car. If I turn it on and let the engine run on idle it keeps running but the moment I rev it up a little and then let it idle it stops. There is also a fairly loud noise under the hood the gets louder as the engine revs up, which is similar to when air is depressurizing (and it's a steady noise). It's a diesel ford focus mk2.5. The other day the engine started loosing power and the car started smoking and it was getting worse and in about ten minutes I had to stop and leave the car where it was. It was also shaking a little like it wanted to stop. There is no fault light on on the dash. Also, I just thought I would note that it just got a new dpf two weeks ago.
Basically, I just would like to know what the problem could be and how much I can expect it to cost to get it fixed.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Tour-de-UK replied 1 year ago.

Have you checked the engine oil level and the coolant level yet?

What is a dpf?

Expert:  Tour-de-UK replied 1 year ago.

Does this dpf have anything to do with the egr and if so, why was it replaced and is the egr working?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
DPF is diesel particulate filter. The car had similar symptoms a few weeks ago, it also had diesel in the engine oil. They said it was all due to the dpf and they changed it. It did work fine after that for two days, (I used it for very short distances though) and then it started acting up again, only it is worse then it was before. The main difference is the noise I described which I didn't have before and also if I let the car rest for a few hours it would work fine again for a while, but now it remains in the same condition. (I went back a day later to check whether I can bring it home but I couldn't. The engine is way too weak.) The coolant is fine. I didn't check the oil level, but as I wrote it had diesel in it and so they washed the engine and refilled it, I assume properly. I think it should be fine.
Expert:  Tour-de-UK replied 1 year ago.

Ok, I am not a diesel mechanic so I will have to opt out.

Expert:  John Vieira replied 1 year ago.

We need to know if the diesel fuel is in the oil again. The knocking noise could be a bad injector. If that is the case then the oil will be full of diesel fuel again. Sounds like there is a mechanical problem that needs to be addressed. As for price, it sounds expensive.