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I have just had a gearbox and clutch fitted to a Fiat

Customer Question

Hi I have just had a gearbox and clutch fitted to a Fiat ducato. The seller assured me of its condition but now crunches in first and second and pops out of reverse. Do you know if its it likely to be clutch issue or the gearbox...I'm don't know
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


Difficult to say between the two and both can cause an issue like thing though that hasnt been mentioned is the actual selector linkage between the gearbox and the pretty sure they are cables on these.with there is is 2..have they been checked for wear or issues - cables can tend to stretch over any time you try to get it in gear can normally become harder to do..the crunching is basically because either the clutch isnt clearing enough to be able to select gear smoothly with the engine running or the gearbox lacks oil in that view an inspection of the clutch system or the release side needs to be inspected or adjusted or rebled which ever release system you have on that van..hydraulic most may need rebled..if its second hand gearbox then again its difficult to know the condition of it without actually testing it out in the donor vehicle.if possible or before its bought as its still quite likely if the replacement gearbox was second hand..could also be faulty in itself too..if its direct from a reconditioning gearbox company then you may have a warranty on it...I d say fromhere the 3 obvious thing to check is the gear slection side/clutch release/gearbox oil/gearbox mounts maybe..then unfortunately after the the gearbox maybe need to come out to inspect the clutch to ensure its has actually been "all" replaced and not just parts of it should be 3 parts clutch kit that usually replaced..if that seems to be ok then its failry likely to be your gearbox..

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